About Mamajil


Hello, I am MamaJil
I am the momma to ten children, yes they are all mine,they were all single births no multiples….(thought I’d just get that out there from the start since those are the first things folks usually ask)

I am fortunate enough to be married to my best friend, we have been married 27 years. He is the love of my life and together we keep this boat afloat.

I am a teacher…I have been home schooling our children for the past 21 years. My philosophy is “Life is Learning” therefore everyday is chuck full of learning and growing experiences. I am all about the hands on, get dirty, make mistakes and have fun experience of education.

I am the all time manager of all things domestic, training the masses to clean after themselves,cook, make beds, wash dishes and scrub toilets all so that one day they too can continue this legacy.

I am a boo-boo kisser, a blanket tent maker, a princess dress fixer,as well as a lizard catcher.

I am a GiGi….(in some circles I am known as a grandma) but to my grand kids I am simply their GiGi!

I am one person, trying daily to be more like Christ, learning to grow and walk in the ways of the Lord. I am very grateful for my life and all its crazy activity.

Sometimes it seems a bit like a circus over here but my consolation is that everyone LOVES the CIRCUS Right??!!



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