Frogs, Snails, Puppy Dog Tails & Rock Climbing Rescue Heros

by MamaJil on June 5, 2012

My two younger sons are all boy!! You know the whole frogs and snails and puppy dog smells….I mean puppy dog tails…

They are all about the critters frogs, turtles, lizards and geckos. It helps that we live out where critters come in plentiful supplies!

Ever since the Baby Boy was a little toddler he could catch anything that flew or crawled!! I remember once he came in with 4 butterflies and released them in my kitchen as I was cooking supper. He was spell bound by their fluttering and was always catching handfuls at a time. His siblings use to call him the butterfly whisperer because he just had a knack for catching and releasing them so gently.

This year has been the frog, lizard and caterpillar year…

I have had to repeatedly remind them that caterpillars belong outdoors…

This was after I entered their room to find a bucket of caterpillars on the bed  there were so many they were cascading out of the bucket….can  you say ewwww!!

I kinda freaked, and I have to admit that Baby Boy sat there looking at me as if I were in need of medication, yet I could tell that my hysteria was lost on him. He was as proud of his catch, as if it were a 10 pound bass that he had caught, instead of 200 nasty caterpillars.

Once he contained all of his caterpillars he reluctantly took them outside and released them.  It was days before I could walk into his room with out my eyes darting around looking for any kind of subtle movement coming from buckets or corners…

The lizards don’t scare me, but I don’t really enjoy them in my shadow boxes or among my knic knacs and that is usually where I find them. Seeing them peek out at me, makes me holler out to the boys using their full names. Baby Boy’s response is always the same “oh I wondered where this guy had gone”, and his brother is always giving an explanation of how it was the Baby Boy’s fault that the critter got out.

I actually find it rather amazing at how these boys will pour over field guides and then go hunt down some critter.

Today however they are finding their enjoyment outside the realms of nature.  Today they have rediscovered some old rescue heroes and castle guys, dinosaurs and plastic animals and they have created a action figure Lego land play yard in their room. Using the fireplace as a rock climbing paradise for their guys…..

I cherish the fact that they still are young enough to play like this yet I know they are rapidly outgrowing this stage of life.

So for today their room may look as if a bomb exploded in there, but I can not find it in me to ask them to clean up the mess they are having too much fun! It has definitely been a warm fuzzy kind of day in our neck of the woods!




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Mar June 6, 2012 at 8:03 AM

I love stories about boys. With only two girls boy are like aliens to me.
The fireplace was awesome.
I like lizards in the house because they eat the things I do’t want inside

Karen@SurvivingMotherhood June 6, 2012 at 5:21 PM

Love, love, LOVE the rock climbing wall! Those action figures and Lego guys look like they’re having fun. ;-)
Yeah, the other day it looked like a Lego bomb had gone off in our living room, but I knew Matthew was having so much fun I couldn’t bring myself to tell him to clean up, either. Well, until we were having guests over. haha!

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