Ready…Ready For Anything

by MamaJil on June 4, 2012

Upon hearing that I have ten children most people exclaim one of two things…They will say something like “oh you must have the patience of Job” which as much as I would love to say “oh yes I do” I must be honest and admit that I am not overly patient, however this is  definitely something the Lord is still developing in me!! The other thing most folks will say is “you must be so organized” …..which causes me to stifle a laugh!

In my opinion if I was really organized we would never have to hunt for a hair brush, or a thermometer or shoes. In a realm of total organization keys would never go missing, library books wouldn’t wander off and we would always know where rulers, pencils and scissors were kept. We do maintain a certain amount of organized chaos otherwise how would we function?! But, unfortunately I can not take credit for being super organized.

Organization is something we work on daily but have not yet achieved. However, being ready seems to be more within my grasp of control. My boys have always been involved in Royal Rangers which can easily be compared to Boy Scouts, it is a neat program which they attend through our church.

Early on the boys learned the Royal Ranger motto which is READY: Ready for anything. Ready to work, play, serve, obey, worship, live, and obey Gods word.  Subconsciously this has become our motto as well.

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In my life there are too many things that occur unexpectedly.  Those are the things  I cannot plan for, those are the situations that require me to  adapt to a plan B or a plan C…those are the unexpected things that make me  incorporate  new and unforeseen events into my day to the best of my ability.

There are however things that occur daily, weekly or regularly enough that I can prepare for. These are the things that make me feel a bit in control of my day even when it may be spiraling out of control.

There are several constants in my life: Meals for instance, I know my kids and husband will be hungry today…and tomorrow and everyday this week for that matter. It helps tremendously to jot down breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for the week on Sunday afternoon so I know what I am going to fix. This allows me to defrost things with enough time to actually cook according to my plan.


Few things are worse than waiting until 5ish and trying to defrost a chicken in the microwave while being serenaded by a tired, toddler and a starved middlerall this while you are pulling the teen out of the ice box and talking to your husband on the phone, who by the way just called because he can’t wait to get home to see all of us, oh and did he just mention that  he is ten minutes out and is ready for one of my hot cooked meals. These stressful scenarios cause unnecessary anxiety. This wasn’t an unplanned event, I mean we eat daily so why not be ready daily.

Leaving the house can be such a production for us! When folks ask me how I get to church on time I have to laugh and tell them we start getting ready on Monday just to get there on Sunday! I know that sounds a bit far fetched but it is not too far from the truth. It all kinda goes back to my be ready theory. I usually know by Sunday what my next week is going to look like. In the lull of  my Sunday afternoon I can easily fill five empty plastic grocery sacks with diaper bag refills (change of clothing, wipes in a zip lock bag, extra diapers) I hang the refill sacks on a hanger in the closet and  this way each time I am ready to walk out the door I throw the refill sack into my bag and I am ready. If I know I am going to town 3x this week I will pull out fits for the kids for those outings press them and gather them together in one spot. Any sports equipment or books we will need are put in the car at least a day before we will need them. I do the same with my husbands work shirts. Surprisingly enough church clothes can be ironed before Sunday morning. So the first window of down time in my week is usually devoted to pulling out church clothes and shoes.

So as an attempt to maintain organized chaos, I simply prepare for the known events in my life and that way I can easily roll with the unplanned events that occasionally  pop up like geysers!

So if you see me…just know that YES I am the one with ten kids….I am hard to miss! I am not too extremely patient even though I am really working on it, neither am I overly organized, I am however Ready……READY: Ready for anything. Ready to work, play, serve, obey, worship, live, and obey Gods word. Maybe one day I can be an honorary Royal Ranger!




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Linda Witt June 4, 2012 at 9:15 PM

You sound extremely well organized to me. With children you never know what will come next, but like you say, be prepared for the certainties and you can work on the emergencies as they arise. I’d never make it….I’m sure of that!! I raised two and never got organized and certainly wasn’t patient. I guess having 10 children just requires a certain amount of organization or you couldn’t survive. I am awed at you!!

Bekki June 5, 2012 at 9:51 PM

I think you are very organized and you know I look up to you and your sweet family. If I can get my household of 3 kids as organized as you I would be doing really good and you’re thinking… only 3 kids, that a piece of cake, what would I do with all that free time. Love ya!

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