My Hope Is In The Lord ~“The LORD is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in him!” Lamentation 3:24

by MamaJil on May 16, 2012

In life there are many things that surface in the day to day, that make us who we are. I’ve been reflecting lately on the fact that each day brings with it, its lessons and obstacles. How we respond to them determines so much of how we proceed onto the next day.

Just recently I had a situation that seemed so “God”…..

You know the kind of situation that you didn’t ask for but it presented itself.  With each passing moment every detail  seems to be falling into place and you can’t help but get excited. As you get excited you say all the right christian things like ” I only want what God wants for us” and “I am just praying that if this is not the Lord that the door will shut quickly” yet deep inside you are beyond that in your imagination…you are sure that you  know how this thing is gonna play out……you know in your gut that “this is God” and then it happens……the whole situation unravels and the door is swiftly slammed in your face…. just as you asked God to do if it wasn’t his will…..yet instead of being thankful for God’s intervention you feel deflated, hurt, and even a bit rejected. Instead of objectively realizing this was a pig trail and that God’s plan for you is else where….. you feel hopeless and sad and abandoned….. after all you had put so much stock into the “new plan”….

That is where I found myself a couple of weeks ago. I am thankful that my “pit of despair” was limited to a couple of short days, and interrupted continuously with the constant that I call life. That is one thing about being the mother to ten children I don’t have a lot of time to wallow, and when I do wallow it seems to be consistently  interrupted with snippets of life…like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, washing clothes, kissing boo boos, refereeing, making beds, scrubbing toilets, homeschooling, saving and rescuing turtles and geckos from little boys etc etc…..its a miracle to have gotten any wallowing and self pity time at all….

At different points of my” all time low” my adult children would call…..The oldest Son with his words of wisdom “mom you were praying for God’s direction now you have a clear view of where not to go”  GRRRR!  The second oldest daughter calling reassuring me that” God has his hand on our life, the steps of the righteous man are ordered by God ….its all fine, God is in control” Double GRRRRR!!!   The pivoting moment however was the text from my oldest daughter that came through in all caps (which is indicative of raising your voice in the electronic lingo  of today)  it read “MOM GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF YOUR SITUATION AND LET GOD BE GOD” “Love ya”

I  have to admit my thoughts had a very sarcastic tone as these children/grown ups each took their turn speaking truth into  my life. I was thinking” great now they are using my own words against me, better yet they are using the word of God to make me see reason…..” and because what they said was truth and because I knew they were right I had to let go of my tantrum. After all truth is truth!

It suddenly became clear to me that at some point I took my eyes off of truth and started devising a plan. I took circumstances and pumped them up and came up with a wonderful plan, I say it was wonderful because would I be gun-ho over it if it wasn’t….of course not! I had transferred my hope in God into an opportunity, that as it turns out wasn’t even God’s will for my life. Our hope has to always remain in God.


The moment I transferred my hope from God unto something else was the moment I began to feel despair and hopelessness as well as abandonment and  rejection.  The word of God says in Psalm 146:5 (NLT)  joyful are those who have the God of Israel as their helper, whose hope is in the Lord their God. So long as our hope is in God we will be joyful!


It was a hard couple of days but I must say I learned a powerful lesson!  My hope can only come from the Lord. When I put my hope in circumstances or things, I am always going to experience disappointments and I will be  left feeling very empty and powerless.   Jeremiah 17:7 states“But blessed are those who trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence. To live a blessed life we must in all circumstances trust the Lord! He alone has to be our hope and confidence.

Even when we hit a bump in the road. When we falter in our faith, when we transfer out hope  from God into or unto something else I am thankful that God is always there waiting on us to come to the end of ourselves, and turn back to Him and follow in His steps.

I am thankful that my humanity doesn’t shake Him or repulse Him. I am thankful that I  serve a living God who is my father and who loves me enough  to allow things to unravel when they will not be to my good.

I am grateful for children that walk in the steps of a righteous God and who are bold enough to encourage me and speak truth into my life…even if it was in Caps via text…..

So today I am happy to say I am off of the pig trail, and back on the main highway seeking Gods will for my life! I am enjoying his presence and trusting that his  ways are greater than my ways! Misty Edwards has a song that always reminds me that the Lord is not in shock over my short comings, that simple truth  is always a great encouragement to me!


Proverbs 16:9  We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps!



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Linda Witt May 17, 2012 at 9:27 PM

Thank you for allowing me to read your blog. It speaks to my heart each time I read it. I think we’ve all been on our ‘pig trails’. I, too, am thankful that God is always there to guide us back to the straight and narrow path of his will. As I have aged, I find it’s much easier to stay focused and on the right path than when I was younger. I am grateful and thankful for that!! God bless you and your beautiful family.

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