Hello, My Name Is MamaJil and I am Very Very Drawn to Pinterest….

by MamaJil on January 30, 2012


Have you discovered Pinterest? I have…….



Back in October my oldest daughter kept calling me and telling me about all these cute ideas she had found on Pinterest.  Everything out of her mouth was Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest….. I totally sounded old when I told her I had no idea what she was talking about.

Then it happened, she sent me an invite and I signed up… initially I didn’t understand the site, and I kept calling it PIN INTEREST…which drove my daughter crazy!  With time I started understanding  the site better and can we just say the rest is history!!!

I am totally hooked on it!! My second oldest daughter thought we were ridiculous, and teased that I was addicted to the Pinterest site. I had to clarify that I was not addicted simply drawn to the siteVery, very drawn to the site!! I sent her an invite and she resisted accepting. Then I coaxed and coaxed by sending links and talking non stop about all the cute center pieces, decorating ideas, and recipes…and guess who is now very drawn to the site as well….yep you guessed it. This daughter is no longer scoffing at her sister and I.  She has now become one of us!

My interpretation of Pinterest is this: It’s one giant share location of everything imaginable, from funny sayings, to cute ideas for parties, crafts, diy projects and recipes just to name a few, you pin the ones you like and make boards which is kinda like filing them in categories. Then others see your ideas and re-pin them on their boards. What I find amusing  is that I can look back on what I pinned and tell what kind of mood I was in, or what kind of day I was having. Last week I pinned so many desserts I definitely was in the mood for some good desserts!! The days I need order I seem to pin every organizational idea invented! There are so many options and things to see and pin!

I had to stop and think about why  this site is so addicting, it simply draws you! After much thought, (much thought maybe stretching it a bit), after some thought, (that’s better) I think the site is so enticing because  of how we were created.

Don’t roll your eyes, I know I am about to over spiritualize Pinterest but hear me out… We are created in the image of our Creator. I think that God is very creative and since we are created in His image we too are very creative.  Sometimes we may not know we are artistic, but seeing an idea on Pinterest seems to spark even the most uncreative people  into ingenious mode! So, if I happen to be very very drawn to Pinterest, please understand its the way I was made that makes me unable to resist re-pinning all those cute, adorable, fabulous ideas !!!

If you haven’t been introduced to Pinterest  I encourage you to check it out, it is so fun!!! You can click this link here and begin following my boards and seeing what sparks me.  Also leave me a comment here on this post and let me know about your favorite Pinterest pins…




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