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Those Yield Signs Kinda Trip Me Up!

by MamaJil on January 20, 2012

Earlier this week I was sipping my early morning coffee and reading blogs…(which is one of my favorite things to do when the house is quiet and no one else is up)  I remember reading a blog about someone whose day had been being totally altered and changed, their day   had  not gone according to plan. 

{At the moment I am a wee bit too sleep deprived to remember whose blog I was on, so if its your blog make sure to leave a comment and remind me…. please, please remind me where I read this.}

Anyway, this blogger was saying how  much better our days are when we allow God to orchestrate our lives…His ways and plans are so much better than ours. Okay, so you know I am totally summarizing this blog right ….

I must say however, that this blog had struck me,  and I remember commenting something about how I love seeing those kind of days where God has a totally different plan than the one I started off with… 

I really  meant it when I wrote it….it was a warm fuzzy moment for me, thinking how God has a plan and really my agenda is so faulty etc etc……

[So at this point, I am totally imagining God looking down saying to himself  Really......?? Really...?? Oh come on! Mamajil... you with your 20 page daily agenda, schedule, and planner.... you totally love for me to orchestrate your day...?? Lets just see how much you love it.... (I really don't think it happened like that but some times I get these comic book pictures in my mind and this is one of those times) ]

Well Tuesday was crazy we muddled through all the Have to’s of the day and then the children had a God Time Party at the Church which left me with only two children at home.

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning kinda all melted together into one whole wake up every hour or so kinda night…..with screaming night mares from the three year old and screaming with ear pain from the five year old.

Wednesday began with a visit to the doctors, then off to the pharmacy and grocery store before getting home.

  At the grocery store the 5 year old asked  “please momma may I  ride in the shopping cart that looks like a car”, normally my response is ” NO” because that is the hardest thing to manuver, and usually I have about seven children with me so its just not practical. Let me also just say as a side bar comment that who ever invented that shopping cart was not a mom, and has never shopped with kids. In a pinch there is no way to whip that cart around a display, or a person without nearly causing a fatality or taking out an endcap.  But you know… a sweet 5 yo with her” raging ear infection” as the Dr dubbed it, could really use a treat and this was a cheap way to make her very happy! So I said “YES”.

  In the meantime my children…the ones at home doing their English and Math, decided to cook homemade pizza…. one of them calls me and asks; “ if a recipe calls for 14 cups of gluten what should I do….” Now you have to understand, I am in the pharmacy trying to pay and I’m thinking unless she was cooking pizza for the entire county she doesn’t need  that much gluten….I try to tell her it must be a typo, she continues to tell me ” that is what the recipe is calling for….” she is very insistent, so….  I tell her, “add 14 cups if that is what is says, I have to go”.  I mean seriously, I am not there to read the recipe  so I can not argue the point….besides the pharmacist seemed a bit frustrated because I took my kids call while she was trying to do her job of trying to tell me all about amoxicillan….you know the drill keep it refrigerated, and shake well….not necessarily rocket science… (I kinda wanted to let her know I have ten kids and this wasn’t my first rodeo….) but instead I graciously apologized for taking a call and listened to her information…after all being tired and testy is no excuse to be snippy, right??

I got home to 5 huge pots of pizza dough rising on my dining room table, at this point I am certain that  I must have missed the conversation about feeding the county…..

Some how the children had decided it would be best to double this recipe to make sure we didn’t run out of pizza. We had no chance of running out! We made 5 huge pizzas and froze  enough dough for 5 more. It was an amazing amount of dough!!

 In the midst of making our pizza, Big Brother managed to get hot cayenne pepper flakes in his eye….I send him to the shower to rinse his eye while I am frantically trying to find my phone to call poison control, the teens were all offering me their phones but I needed mine…I just happen to have poison control on speed dial…

I located my phone and called the poison control center ( I am always very certain they really do recognize my voice when I call,  but are polite enough not to say so….) I proceed to tell them about our fun family lunch project that WENT BAD…. they assured me my son wouldn’t lose his sight and that the eyes would simply be irritated…… for awhile, a long while. That whole incident gave me about 2 new gray hairs!

 In the end he was fine, the pizza was very tasty, and it really did not call for 14 cups of gluten……thankfully she caught the mistake before actually adding that much gluten!

Fast forward to Wednesday night which was a rerun of Tuesday night with a different cast of characters:  the earache child was played by the baby girl instead of the princess….night number two of little sleep….

So Thursday was started by another trip to the Dr’s office, I took Roo and Baby Girl. Roo has a terrible cough and since I was already going I wanted them to listen to her to make sure it wasn’t settling in her chest.  As it turns out she was fine just a bit snotty…no pun intended, just kidding, but really she is a bit congested and snotty, and the Baby Girl…

Well poor little Baby Girl, the whole trip to the doctors office was spent with her telling me she didn’t want a shot and me telling her “silly, you are not getting a shot” Okay, really… they made a liar out of me because her ears were so badly infected that my poor baby had to get a shot. We left there  with Ramsey screaming……

 I stopped and got all the medications and headed home… with the Baby Girl screaming and crying …..we began muddling  through the  routine and then I sent most of the kids out to play, with the Baby Girl still crying…..  To say I was frustrated, a bit tired, and somewhat defeated was an understatement!

 It wasn’t until late in the day or early into the evening that I realized that I was not finding many warm fuzzies in my week of chaos and upheaval…

In my quiet time I had not asked the Lord what He had  for me, instead I’ve spent the week telling Him what I had on my list to do.  Oh my! I’ve missed it this week, with my plan and my agenda!

 Instead of stopping in the middle of my craziness and asking Him what he had for me. I had steamed roll past and never stopped to listen to His sweet, still voice.

 I should have been seeking His will not insisting on mine and getting all bent out of shape when the week wasn’t unfolding according to my wishes. Thank God His mercies are new every morning!!

All that to say….. 

 Dear Blogger for whom I left a comment  on their post about letting God be the planner of our day…

I must admit that……

In theory I LOVE those days that don’t work out like I planned, but in reality I don’t yield too well….well at least initially I have trouble yielding. I do eventually get it, even if it takes me all week.

 I must say in my defense (oh,I should stop here and I know it ….) but seriously in my defense, the blogger I had read about… her day was altered but it ended with coffee with friends…. Even I would have yielded for that! :)




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