Gingerbread Men and Cousins!

by MamaJil on January 10, 2012

Christmas and New years flew past me…

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I know I say that every year……. I just love the holidays so much that I hate to see them end. I enjoy celebrations and company and cooking so much! Something that keeps coming back to me is that we shouldn’t live for the special days or occasions we should live and celebrate life daily. So this year I plan to purposely celebrate each day!  Since there is no time like the present I decided to implement this immediately.  So, last Friday when all the children were getting back to their conventional schooling we snuck in one more day of festivities….after all it was January 6th the 12th day of Christmas.

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We celebrated our day with gingerbread men and cousins. I’ve never made gingerbread men so I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was!

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We made the dough the night before and in the morning my little grand daughter and I rolled it out, cut them out, and baked them….

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 We managed to have everything ready just in time for them to arrive.

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We were going to have thirteen children so I figured that it would be less crazy to already have the cookies baked.

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We then proceeded to have tea cups filled with frosting at each place setting and plates of candy to decorate. The prep work really paid off and the chaos was almost non existent!

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I read the story about The Ginger Bread Man…… (I had to throw in some school like activity) and the children creatively decorated the cookies.

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Some of them even ate them before we had lunch…imagine that?! Lunch was a delicious chili made by my niece and home made chocolate covered cherries.

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The day was delightful, fun, and relaxing. I love that my children are close with their cousins. The boys had sword fights and the girls played dress up and house…… and my niece and I sat and sipped coffee and chatted.

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And late in the day when my mother in law came home they all ran down to spend time with her. I am grateful for the bond I have with my nieces and nephews and also grateful to be raising my children with their children…..they are the best of friends and it’s a special relationship! It is also a treat to be neighbors with my mother in law….Having grandma next door is very special to my kids! Truth be told….I think she kinda had fun seeing her grand kids and great grands on Friday!

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This year I want to make sure we make cookies more often and visit with those dear to us….its such an easy thing, inexpensive and it gives us such endearing memories!

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