The Flip Side of Sugar Cookies and Candy Cane Smiles

by Mamajil on December 23, 2011

The eve of Christmas eve…….

In my perfect little imagination this is the perfect day to sit  snuggled on the couch watching Christmas classics with my children…..You  know since we have made snow flakes, read, baked, shopped, sang Christmas carols,  made memories etc… etc……

So I popped  in a DVD “Holiday Inn”…..  (really what can be more perfect than this…) everyone gathers….oh this is so good, I can’t help but to  smile……my heart is soaring……

The introduction to the movie begins….

 And then suddenly the “ KEEPING IT REAL MOMENT” of the season swings into full gear when one of my adorable little knucke head children groans and says

 ”Ugh black and white movies are only good for color blind people!”

……add in a chorus of agreement and that is when I realized that classics are not meant to be wasted on children that can’t appreciate them! (insert pout, stomping of my little foot and burst-ed bubble)….

So today I will watch Holiday Inn all by myself ….and It will be fun!!! I think I will pop some popcorn and declare it a mommy afternoon!


  • Today I rejoice in individual personalities….Lord knows we have lots of different ones here!
  • Today we begin making  jello salads and our annual cranberry freeze
  • We will read ahead in our advent because we anticipate that the next couple of days will be crazy…in a good way…
  • We will enjoy each other and laugh! Even if they don’t want to watch Holiday Inn with me…..





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Linda Witt December 23, 2011 at 4:07 PM

I think we (hubby and I) will watch Ice Age Christmas tonight. I bought it the other day. I love Ice Age!! The sloth is my favorite! You enjoy your movie! No Miracle on 34th Street? It’s a Wonderful Life?? They are truly classics. My son in law loves Miracle on 34th Street. I gave it to him one year at Christmas.
Enjoy your Mommy time.

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