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Only Ten Days Until Christmas Eve…

by Mamajil on December 14, 2011

It seems almost impossible that we are in the final count down of our Christmas Season….

I don’t know how it may be in your home but here, the excitement is mounting…..

Christmas is always fun with little children, but what is thrilling me more is the excitement in my adult children.  They seem to count on the little traditions that we have instituted over the years. For instance all the littles get Christmas pajamas on Christmas eve…..

We also have an ornament tradition…each year every one gets an ornament of their own.

Each child has a box of ornaments that contains  their personal ornaments from each passing year. Once they get married they take their box of ornaments with them.

I would love to tell you that they only have Hallmark collectable ornaments but the truth is that many are homemade, or cute inexpensive dollar store collections.

Regardless of where they came from they get so excited about their personal ornaments every year when we trim the tree. I just love hearing their memories of the year they got each one of the ornaments.

I make sure I buy one or two extra for myself  each year other wise at some point when all these kids grow up I will have nothing but lights left on my tree.

One thing I am realizing is that as life changes and the kids grow up I have to be more flexible and plan better so that the holidays run smoothly.

Something I thought of this year when our oldest  daughter was in the middle of studying for finals and couldn’t make it home to trim the tree is that maybe next year we should have a family  day the week before Thanksgiving, maybe a big barbecue or something like that.

 No one is usually busy the week before Thanksgiving so we could have a big lunch, trim the tree and take a family Christmas picture. I think this will definitely cut down on scheduling issues before the hectic season begins.

 Christmas Eve is usually when our children come home for a sit down dinner. It has struck me funny to have the older kids call me to make sure dinner was still on this year. Our oldest daughter has reviewed the menu with me a few times over the phone! Ham, garlic green beans, mashed potatoes, Cranberry freeze, Cesar Salad and stuffing muffins. For dessert we usually have vanilla ice cream with cherry sauce, pie, cookies and homemade candy. The menu is simple but they look forward to it. It pleases me to break bread as a family and that my older children cherish it as much as we do.

Christmas morning this year will be a little different since our Oldest has to come farther to see us.  It was so nice when they lived a mile down the road. This year they will have Christmas morning with their little girl and then come to GiGi (that’s me) and Pop Pop’s for Christmas brunch. We have never done a Christmas brunch so this should be fun!


We still have bake days ahead….


Gingerbread houses to make……

Family to visit…….

Coffee,cocoa, and cookies to eat…..

When I sit and think all that we will manage to cram into the next ten days I get giddy too!!

  • Today I will finish all of my lists: grocery, shopping, baking,
  • We will pull the recipes we will be baking
  • We will plan our Christmas brunch menu
  • We will mail our Christmas cards
  • We will ponder how people recognize Jesus as the blessed one who comes in the name of the Lord (prophecy: Psalms 118:26, Fulfillment: Mark 11:9,10)

What do you have left to do for the big celebration on the 25th of December? I pray you’re family is as excited as ours!!










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