The Fine Print In Family Life: Perfection is not Mandatory

by MamaJil on December 10, 2011

 I have been challenged with a very vivid imagination. I see things in vibrant colors, details and images. Always my visions end with images of picture perfect excellence. I say this trait is a challenge because so often I have to step back and realize what I imagined and what I have ended up with look a bit different….. and that is OK.  Real life usually tends to be a lot different than my vision and that is okay too! 

Reality always seems to show up and it meets me somewhere along the way.  If I am not careful this trait can often lead  me down the path of unfulfilled expectations, leaving me to only see what didn’t happen, occur, or turn out.  Instead of what I did accomplish, produce, and achieve. For me, this character flaw or personality glitch leaves me constantly having to guard my heart and check my attitude.


For instance a few weeks ago I set out to capture a very cute picture of our 3yo. It was Sunday morning she looked cute. Her hair was brushed, she matched… know it was a good moment. I pull out the camera she says cheese and at the last second as the camera was capturing the moment she turns that smile into a funny face. A split second and my vision and my reality clashed with each other. I was initially frustrated  but then I realized that it was moments like this that create the memories we will talk about in  the days and years to come. In this day and age its moments like these that make Facebook status’. They are the funnies of life that make us giggle, if we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Memories are created when your vision and your reality collide. The worst thing we could do is wait until everything is perfect. By waiting for the perfect moment we miss the journey which is our life.  Life is not made up of perfect moments, life is played out along the journey. This is why its important to do something each day to celebrate this moment in our  journey.

  • Today we will celebrate our grand daughters 2nd birthday there is nothing more fun than to celebrate the life of another person especially when she is the cutest!!


  • Today we will enjoy the company of friends and family at a holiday get together enjoying good fellowship and good food….authentic Cuban Sandwiches and Black Beans  and Rice.


  • Today we will remember that so long as we do something its okay if  wasn’t exactly a magazine/television moment because this is our REAL life, not a show case


  • Today we will ponder the fact that Jesus ascended to heaven and is seated at God’s right hand (Prophecy: Psalm 68:18, Fulfillment: Mark 16:19




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