Nativities In Every Room

by Mamajil on December 7, 2011

I’m not really sure when or how I started collecting nativity scenes. I know that on our first Christmas together my husband and I didn’t have a nativity and my sister in law gave us one she was no longer using.

Since then we have a acquired several small and inexpensive nativities. Many show the wear and tear of tiny hands, and most of them have had super glue surgery at least once per holiday season. 

My favorite nativity is a wooden nativity that I purchased years ago at a craft show. It’s simple and hand painted and I find that the faces on Mary and Joseph are very endearing!

As a mom I have learned that children learn best when they are retelling that which they have been taught. Today the children were given the task of building a nativity using  things they have on hand. It has been an interesting flurry of activity and gathering of cast and characters. I’ve over heard tidbits of serious conversations where the discussion evolved around the decision of whom should be chosen to  play the part of baby Jesus. The debate involved the use of the Dora Dora doll with a football shaped head or a Polly Pocket doll. Let me assure you this  was an extensive and very serious conversation among my little guys.

I think it was unanimous among the little’s that the part of Mary and Joseph should be played by Barbie and Ken, and that the abandoned barbie log cabin would make the best stable.

In the end the part of baby Jesus was played by Dora, the shepherds and wise men were played by various members of the Fisher Price Doll house accompanied by a couple of Little people.

There was also an array of exotic animals in attendance.  Several zebras, camels, Clifford the big Red Dog, Swiper (swiper no swiping), an ostrich, a dinosaur, and a rescue hero gorilla to name a few. For the most part it seems that the children have come up with an all star cast for their homemade nativity scene.

When asked if she knew the Christmas story the five year old replied ” I think I’ve seen that movie”. Never mind that we have been reading about the birth of our Savior in Sunday School, at home and every evening during our advent devotions. 

Finally the children ended their day by watching the movie The Legend of the Candy Cane based on the book by Lori Walburg. Our local library only had the DVD, not the book so we had a nice family movie. The candy cane looks like a shepherds staff reminding us that God is our shepherds, its also the shape of the letter J~ for Jesus, and the colors red and white remind us that our sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus leaving us white as snow. It was a nice movie. My older kids thought it was cute but definitly its geared for the younger crowd.

  • Today we will enjoy the gift of retelling a story,we will enjoy each persons version and see the birth of Christ through the eyes of a child.
  •  Today we will take 10 minutes and mix up the dough for a batch of peanut butter cookies and put them in  an air tight container in the refrigerator. I figure if the dough is in the refrigerator we can bake the cookies on demand.
  • Today we will remember that the children praised Jesus( prophecy: Psalms 8:2, fulfillment:Matthew 21:15), we will somberly remember that Jesus is forsaken by God (prophecy: Psalm 22:1-3, fulfillment: Matthew 27:46) and that Jesus is pierced (prophecy: Psalm 22: 16-18, fulfillment: John 19:37 and John 20:27)
  • Today we will make sure to use kind words and to share love in our home, exercising patience and love instead of our own wills. 




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RoseMarie Madera Bolinder December 7, 2011 at 11:43 AM

You are an amazing inspiration and I love you.

lamar December 21, 2011 at 5:45 AM

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