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Math Cheats…..

by Mamajil on March 5, 2013

We all love a short cut, a secret passage, an easier way to finish a task. I must say my kids are no exception.
So today when I introduced a short cut to learning the 9 times tables the gleam in my kid’s eye was all I needed to know I was a definite HERO!!
Just in case you have missed this little gem of a short cut I thought I would share it…..

I personally think its easier to memorize the answers quickly but for some of my kids the “cheat” seems to help them retain it better.

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So if you take your nine times tables and write them out:

You can figure out the answers by noting that the first digit of each answer is going to be one digit less than the number you are multiplying by nine. For example two times nine…the first number in the answer will begin with one….. (one is one number less than 2)

Now if you would also notice also that the two digits of the answer add up to nine for example 2×9=18 1+8=9……

So all your student has to do is is first look at the equation think what is one number less than the number they are multiplying and then ask himself how many more do I need to add to this for it to equal 9…..then suddenly 9×9 becomes 9×9=8_ and we all know 8+1=9 so the missing digit is 1 and the answer will be 9×9=81

Who said math can’t be fun…especially if you think you are getting away with something!!



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