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Puzzles, Conversation, & A Race

by Mamajil on March 5, 2013

It’s been a nice day in my neck of the woods the temperatures were a bit chilly, but that was okay.

A few of the kids were on the mend from a nasty bug that hit this weekend, so the day had a slow pace to it…..

After our regular school work, and chores, we pulled out a puzzle that the boys have been itching to put together.
It is a two sided world map. I personally LOVE putting together puzzles so I couldn’t wait to start putting it together with them!!

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Puzzles are something I try to keep going at different times through out the year.
They are not only entertaining and challenging but they give you such a platform for conversation with your children.
It seems to be an activity that keeps everyone distracted enough that they will talk and answer questions and share things without thinking about it, or feeling threatened.

I have also found that a puzzle brings out some funny things in folks…..

Once we were putting together a pumpkin patch puzzle and it had about a million shades of orange, so the puzzle had been a slow process to put together.
Then one night the kids were in bed and my hubby and I were chatting and putting the puzzle together enjoying our evening…..
(Let me just interject that He doesn’t share my love of puzzles….at all…not even a little bit, but he loves me enough to sit and occasionally put one together with me)

Anyway, this particular night the pieces were all of a sudden starting to fit and we were going pretty fast. Piecing the last part of the puzzle quickly.
It suddenly occurred to me that my husband was racing me to the finish, he hadn’t said anything but I could tell by the fervor in his quick mannerisms.

I suddenly decided I would not let him put in the last piece no matter what! So I slipped a piece of puzzle into my lap and hid it…. we continued talking and putting the puzzle together and as we approach the last piece on the table he grabs it quickly and hollers out I got the last piece to put in…….He was quite smug and proud ,until he realized that there was really one more piece to complete the puzzle and it was missing. He started looking around the table to see if it had fallen off….. as he was looking around for the last piece I quietly slipped the last piece from my lap right into the final spot on the puzzle….
He couldn’t believe I had done that…..
but that was okay, I couldn’t believe he had turned my nice puzzle making evening into a race…..
who knew I was that sneaky and competitive…..He learned a lot about me that day (wink, wink)

Well back to the puzzle at hand…..we got the border done tonight and I promised the boys I wouldn’t put any more pieces together until tomorrow when they were up so we could do it together. Sam made me promise because to quote him, “momma you just get started and then by morning it will be done!” He knows me well!!

 photo 13531245-1436-44fb-b67c-0bd1dc69480c.jpg

So although I am tempted to put together the continent of Asia…its only one little continent….. I won’t.
I will be good and wait until the boys are up and we will do it tomorrow!



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