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Ever Feel Like You Are Herding Cat’s, Pushing a Rope or Squashing Water….Yeah, Me Too!

by Mamajil on February 26, 2013

Yesterday it rained buckets in my neck of the woods!!! As a matter of fact it is still raining! It’s been ages, since we have had days of rain, and I can say that although I know droughts are not good, waking up to a flash flood weather alert booming on my cell phone this morning isn’t all that good either! It did however get my attention and I am up even earlier than normal….

This morning I have been pondering the kind of day we had yesterday. The kids had tons of energy and it was hard to keep them on track and focused, it would have been easier if I had the opportunity to send them out to run for an hour or so but that was not possible. I found myself a bit short tempered and tired of hearing my own voice! By 7:30 last night I had most of them tucked in bed!

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Ever have days like that, you know days that cannot end quick enough…

This morning I have been thinking that I didn’t really handle yesterday well. Our climate allows us to spend all our days outside, and so it is rare to have everyone huddled inside. I should have seized the moment and called it a pajama day, everyone should have piled on my bed and we could have done school in my room, reading to each other and enjoying one another.

I had within my power to set a different tone in my home. In the end my agenda and my orders and my schedule, the very tools that I have established to make life easier, were working against me.

I was the commanding officer but no one was following very willingly. Some days are like this and it give opportunity to learning obedience and diligence and all that good stuff, but this is different. What I realize is that sometimes when your “regularly scheduled program” is not working it may benefit you and the whole family to pause and ask the Lord “what do you have for us today?”

I literally felt as if I was pushing a rope yesterday, and my whole focus was on getting everything on my list done! The rain was not going to stop me from accomplishing my mile long list no matter what!! {Can I just say “Wrong attitude”}

Today I realized, that maybe a couple of those children that kept crying or whining or falling apart would have benefited more from their momma just sitting down and holding them for a few minutes, instead of hearing their momma say “pick up the barbies right now….” again….and again and again…
And quite honestly, it was raining and the barbie game was an all day affair so WHY was it so important to have the barbies off the bedroom floor???

So today….since it’s raining again…..I think instead of pushing my agenda, I will embrace my day and my children. Instead of hushing them, I will take the extra moment and listen. I will make a conscious effort to step over barbies and see that its hard to put away a game in the middle of it. A tidy home is important but to respect your children and their train of thought and play is even more important.

Today I will be less militant and more compassionate.
I will make a conscious effort to keep a peaceful, kind tone in my home, and I am sure it will be contagious… and in the end I am sure we will accomplished much more than yesterday!!

So the lesson in this is, that although schedules, and to-do lists are helpful tools we should never be mastered by the tools. We should be mindful of the tone in our home, and sometimes if the whole day is falling apart maybe just maybe it’s not because of THEM, maybe just maybe the problem is ME (Ouch that was hard to say)….

One thing is for sure…..I am so thankful for new days and new opportunities!



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