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The Baby Stage And Other Familiar Moments….

by Mamajil on February 21, 2013

The grand babies are here…..

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It hasn’t been too long ago that my youngest was a baby, after all she is only four.
So as far as the grandma gig is concerned I still very much in mommy mode.
I still have to get up for the occasional bad dream….
But for the most part we sleep through the night around here, which is still so foreign to me after so many years of night feedings.

Yesterday my son called and my poor daughter in law had hurt her back, she could hardly move and they needed me to please help with the kids.
So I told them to bring me those cuties!
My son was hesitant when he mentioned that the baby still got up in the night to eat then he asked if I would be okay with that….
I scoffed a kinda half cough half kinda give me a break sound…
I got this I was thinking.
Seriously,I have been there, done that, got this t-shirt in every color kinda thing!

But as the day progressed I started to wonder what if…
What if I lost my touch, what if I had no idea what to do, what if I had gotten past the baby stage and could no longer comfort a baby, or feed a baby, and what if the poor baby cried all night because he could tell I was at a loss of what to do? (Ridiculous right?!)

Evening came and dinner time passed without a hitch.
Bed time approached…..everyone was in bed by eight-ish…..let me just say its so easy doing the mommy thing with wonderful teens that help!
The baby was fed a bottle and then I sat and rocked him….didn’t feel too foreign at all!
It was so sweet to hold him and smell his sweet baby smell and then feel him relax and drift off to sleep, “ah I remember this season” I thought.
It even squeezed my heart a bit as I went to lay him in the crib we had set up in my room and carefully made the exchange from my arms to the mattress moving ever so slowly so that he wouldn’t wake up. Again I thought “aww”!

Later when my husband came home and we were going to go to bed I looked at him and said “remember the baby is sleeping….” Can I just say that isn’t the first time I have ever said that, but it was the first time in a long time…..and it triggered so many memories..funny how a statement can do that.

Then laying in bed I could hear the sweet sound of our baby grandson as he slept and the familiar faint sound of him stirring in his bed. The baby noises kept me awake just long enough to think that was the sweetest sound to drift off to sleep to.

Later, in the wee hours of the morning when I heard him whimper and wake up, I astounded myself at how quickly I responded. I jumped up and had the bottle fixed quickly, before he could be too awake, and I scooped him up changed his diaper in the dim light with out any problems. I fed him and had him asleep in no time! It was all so automatic that I didn’t even think about it until I was laying him back in the bed.
I had to smile as I crawled back under my covers,it would seem that even after a couple of years…I still got it ! (wink wink) This mommy/grandma gig is kinda just my heart and I like the way it all melds together!

This morning as I drank my coffee in the kitchen I heard the baby stir so I jumped up to go get him…except I was too late!
I opened the bedroom door and standing there with the baby in his arms was my husband I reached to take the baby and he astonished me when he said “uh, no I have this”….very funny moment for me!

It would seem the mister still has it too, because as I sit here finishing this post he is on the couch talking to our grandson and snapping tons of pictures with his phone! I can hear him talking to him and the baby is cooing back, he is singing Jesus loves me to him and telling him about when his daddy was a little tot like him….. and this all to familiar scene is so sweet.

Let me also add that it wasn’t long before my younger girls, “the three younger aunts” and my little grand daughter woke up…..
My girls are on high AUNTIE alert, with Riley orchestrating a schedule of who gets to hold the baby first,second and third…..It is going to be a fun day!!

It would seem that we are not too far removed from the baby thing…and somehow that really squeezes my heart big!



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