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They Say Cousins Are Your First Best Friends……

by Mamajil on February 21, 2013

They say your cousins are your first best friends…..

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I think they are right! I am fortunate to have many cousins.
On my mother’s side of the family I am the oldest grandchild so my cousins are all younger than me. My childhood memories of them are more of holding and playing with young children, but on my daddy’s side of the family I had 3 boy cousins that were close to me in age….two were just a tad bit older and the youngest, well, we are a year apart.

They were my best friends when I was little, and when they moved far away I remember writing them letters and taping a penny on each letter for them to be able to get bubble gum. (penny bubble gum…if that doesn’t date me I don’t know what will!)
I remember When I was considering going to the University of Florida, I went to visit the campus and I stayed with my oldest cousin who was a student at UF at the time. One evening we were chatting about our childhood and he pulled out a box of letters.They were the ones I had written when I was really little and they still had the pennies taped to them. It was so sweet that he was so sentimental!!
I loved those boys and still do, now we are all grown up and our children are friends and even though we all live in different cities we still manage to keep in touch. Their children are the age of my older children.
I kept on having babies so my younger children don’t have cousins from that side of the family in their age group.

My younger children however, are hardly without cousins their own age. Both my sister and brother have three children each, and so when they come into town the cousins all have a grand time!

Here locally, they have the blessing of growing up with my nephews children….
Funny thing my nephew and I having kids the same age!
He and his wife have a house full too!
They have six children and so my seven younger ones and their six are great pals!! My teens love playing and holding the little cousins and from the boys down they each have a cousin that matches their age. We see them weekly and enjoy them immensely!

Last year we started a tradition that I think will last for many years! We decided to celebrate cousins, and have a Valentine tea for the girls and a Tom Sawyer luncheon for the boys. Since we were a bit under the weather on Valentines day we postponed the Luncheon/Tea until this week.

The boys have fried chicken, biscuits, fruit punch and cookies out in the woods in a fort they built, and the girls dress up in fancy dresses wear pearls and have tea and a girlie lunch. We serve it all on fine china and have a big time!

It rained the day of our luncheon so the boys couldn’t eat in the woods.
I tried to improvise and still maintain our Tom Sawyer theme by throwing a couple of sheets over our school table and making a Tom Sawyer Cave… youngest nephew would not go into the “cave” to eat. He stood next to the table really close and he would reach into the “cave” for more food.
The older boys, who were eating under the table in the “cave” would just hand him what he wanted.
It was so funny to see him standing by himself next to this table empty handed he would reach through the sheet and he would pull out a drumstick or a biscuit….HYSTERICAL!

It was so much fun, the girls had a good time too. They had cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, barbeque Mutton….(well, actually it was barbeque pork, but we pretended it was mutton…after all mutton sounded authentically English, at least to us it did), scones, clotted cream, cookies and banana bread…it was a wonderful feast!!!

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After dining, everyone scattered and played while my niece and I visited the hours flew by!
As I watch my children and their cousins play, laugh and talk together I have to say that I am certain that cousins are truly your first best friends!

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