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Friendship, Fudge and Fellowship…..God is in the details!

by Mamajil on February 15, 2013

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Today I was thinking about obstacles….
I think my whole train of thought began when I started thinking about how many things have been breaking around here.
Last week our water heater stopped heating.
My husband is pretty handy so fixing the water heater is within his realm of capabilities…except of course he was crazy busy with work and the church wide camp out we were hosting at our place.
So I just pulled out our big pots and I boiled three kettles of water per bath, waiting for Monday to bring a lull in our reality so that we could have hot water again. I have to add that by day two it helped to have my mother in law living with us on our property…she had hot water so really I only boiled water in kettles for a day or so before I just started sending kids next door at bath time. Not having hot water was inconvenient but we rolled with the punches and pressed on.

Next thing that happened was that last Friday our oven stopped working. I had a pan of roasted potatoes and a pan of baked chicken in the oven for almost an hour when I realized nothing was really cooking….seriously it was inconvenient but I combined the taters and chicken and threw them in my electric roaster and we once again pressed on.

Then the truck’s transmission died giving us the opportunity to remember what it was like to only have one vehicle…..

Oh, and lets not forget that by Sunday night the tell a tale signs of a virus showed its ugly head at our place….all week long we have had kids with tummy issues, kids with congestion, kids with fever, and kids feeling yucky. It has not been a violent virus just an annoying one. By yesterday I think they were all feeling better except for Madeline who still was running a fever but I was encouraged that we were at the end of this annoying virus.

Then this morning little Ramsey started with the symptoms. I felt so sorry for her, and quite honestly I almost started feeling sorry for me after all it’s not fun having sick kids and oh my word there are so many of them that a small virus turns into a plague rather quickly! I may have had a full blown pity party but seriously I didn’t have time, and besides a friend stopped by to see me with fudge, all I can say is “what a perk!”

So, as I said at the beginning of this post I was thinking about obstacles, and how life always gives us choices on how to respond to crisis and problems. As I recapped my past week I couldn’t help but notice the grace and provision that God provided for each bump in the road. I had no hot water but I did have water and a stove…and a neighbor with hot water so I never went without. My oven broke but I have a microwave, and electric roaster and a stove top so dinners have been cooked without a hitch. The kids have been ill, but we have had a laid back, easy going week with no pressures to go or do anything. So in reality, the fact that we have been a one vehicle family hasn’t really affected us either.

Also, today right when I was on the verge of making a choice to dive into self pity the Lord had a friend stop by my house. You have to understand, that to get to where I live you have to decide to come. We are not on the way to anything. No one just “swings by” we are off the main drag! I was surprised when I saw my friend, but I was so blessed by her visit. It was such a reminder that nothing surprises God and he is always looking out for me!

Sometimes we have to choose to see the grace and the blessings of life, and when we do there is always such value and joy that comes from seeing the glass half full instead of half empty! Anyone can see the glass is half empty but it takes courage and faith to be among those that see it half full.

As moms, wives and believers how we handle the bumps in our day is very important. We all have a realm of influence with our children, spouses and others. Our children need to see us recognize God’s provision, as well as his hand on our lives. They need to know God is in the details of our day. Nothing that we face causes Him to shake His head and say “Oh,man I didn’t see that coming”.

Our husbands need to see us trusting God to provide and take care of us in the chaos and the mishaps of the day. So often, especially as a stay at home mom I think I have looked at my husband as my fixer and provider when in reality God is the fixer and the provider. It is way too big of a burden to put all the fixing and providing on your dear husband….
God is our provider and He is faithful! He gives favor and He opens doors of opportunity for our husbands!

When we choose to see the blessings and provisions of the day our outlook and demeanor is different. We can rationally and objectively look at the inconveniences and know they are temporary because after all our God is more than enough. That kind of disposition is contagious, people can’t get all down and out around a happy person or a person with hope. When the transmission went out on our truck one of the little girls looked at me and said “Momma, God is so good he has kept our big van running and so we can still go places as a family” Wow, out of the mouth of babes, she knew the transmission going bad on the truck was not a good thing but she was able to find a blessing in our circumstances, she was grateful that the big van was running!

We all need to remember that even in our biggest trials God is with us. He will not leave us or forsake us. As we face the mountains in our paths we need to know that all we need is faith, a speck of faith, faith the size of a teeny mustard seed to move those mountains.

We have always told the kids a good attitude will get you anything but a bad attitude will get you nothing! Its so true,a good attitude is a great testimony of the assurance we all can have that God will handle everything we face!!! He has your back, so don’t sweat the inconveniences that occur in your day to day journey its all temporary! Make a point to look for how he is moving on your behalf, because He is. That is His character!

It is easy to throw our hands up when we look at unfavorable circumstances, but we are not led by sight, we walk by faith. I know for a fact how easy it to see the bumps and get all down…remember I was on the edge of self pity just this morning, but before we dive into the pool of “woe is me” look up and around and find at least three things that shout “Jesus loves me enough to_________” and fill in the blank, and then walk away from the edge of self pity and choose not to dive into that pool.

Today I had to remember Jesus loved me enough to send a friend, the friend came with fudge, and we got to visit and laugh…and for me, on this day that was the encouragement and strength and confirmation I needed to assure me that God was interested in the details of my day…

He loved me enough to send me the gift of friendship,fudge,and fellowship! What awesome blessings, they totally outweighed my obstacles!



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Brenda February 16, 2013 at 6:59 AM

As always, very encouraging post. He is good… all the time :)

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