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A Little Prep Work Can Make Your Sabbath A Day Of Rest

by Mamajil on February 9, 2013

I’ve always found it humorous in an oxymoron kinda of way that Sunday,the Sabbath is called the day of rest….
Before you gasp and call me a blasphemer hear me out….

I am not sure how it is at your house but getting nine people up, fed, dressed and looking presentable,buckled and in the car is not all that easy or restful…..

Coming home cooking, feeding everyone and cleaning up isn’t restful either…….

I use to always feel such conviction over how exhausting and non-restful my Sabbath seemed. I seemed to be one crazed woman by the end of the day! I didn’t like feeling so out of sorts, and by the end of most Sunday afternoons I felt so defeated and behind schedule. There was absolutely nothing restful about Sundays!
I Knew I was going to have to make some changes to make life easier.
I had come to terms that there was always going to be a certain amount of effort to get ready but I knew I had to change something in order to make Sundays an actual day of peace,reverence and rest.

It took some pondering and planning but we came up with a plan…..
I started trying to anticipate what was going to be needed for Sunday and I started getting ready way before the actual morning of.

For instance early in the week if I have a lull I start pulling outfits for the children, not just outfits but socks and shoes too. I have a cabinet in my bathroom for only church shoes and I tuck the socks into the shoe so that they will be together. I had to adopt the shoe cabinet idea because shoes have a tendency of disappearing by Sunday morning. Once the clothing is selected we go ahead and iron them ahead of time.

Baths are taken the night before. Any books, study guides and bibles are either already placed in the van by Saturday night or set on the table by the door all together so that we don’t have to hunt for them in the morning.

Breakfast is always something easy like egg sandwiches. I serve them on paper napkins making clean up a breeze. I rarely have time to clean a kitchen on Sunday mornings and I despise coming home to a trashed kitchen!

I am not always so great at having Sunday dinner cooked but I have been trying to have several left over dishes that can be spruced up to look like a delish new entree. Tomorrow for instance we are having roasted potatoes and chicken, Pork steak, and Cesar salad, I have some leftover slaw from the camp out so that will most likely be making an appearance too.

Sunday is coming so by having a plan and doing as much as possible ahead of time I have found that it alleviates a lot of stress.
It is so amazing how smooth things run with a plan, a schedule and a bit of organization!

Of course don’t let this post fool you we still have our weeks where Sunday just sneaks up on us and surprises us by its quick arrival. Those are the weeks you will see me running into Sunday School because I am suppose to be there before the preschoolers arrive to greet them not the other way around…

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