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Camping Inside & Outside = Family Fun!

by Mamajil on February 9, 2013

The weekend has arrived!!!
This is a big weekend for our family…the boys have all been buzzing with total excitement over this weeks Man Stuff weekend….this is a Man…Father and Son church camp out that we have hosted out at our place.
It is the first Mans Stuff weekend ever so I don’t think any of the men knew what to expect or even how many to expect. The turn out has been awesome! At the beginning of dinner last night I think they counted 70 men and boys and they just keep on arriving..The boys have helped build fires, cook, and have run and played nonstop. I am sure if any of them pause long enough they will sleep and sleep hard……

Meanwhile back IN the hacienda…..

Us girls hung out, ate dinner, played a game of Imaginiff which has become my favorite game ….and here is the sweet moment I just have to share….My Mollie the married daughter, the one that lives far.far away (only 3 hours away…but that is far to a momma who has only known having her chicks close by) came into town. It would seem her hubby didn’t want to miss the fabulous Mans Stuff weekend. Anyway, last evening Mollie made a giant room size blanket tent with her little sisters and so the 3 littles and Mollie had an indoor camp out! What a memory she has made!! I love how she saw an opportunity and seized it with the little girls, and although Ramsey crashed and burned way before the tent was built she too slept in the tent because Mollie scooped her up and took her to the tent so at the very least she would wake up in the hub of the indoor camping trip.

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I love that although Mollie has her own life as a wife and homemaker, a student in bible college, and also she works; she still makes time almost daily to call the little girls, and she skypes them or face times them every few days.
When she comes home she seems to want to savor every second with them.
It squeezes this momma’s heart that they built a blanket tent and that they had a sister slumber party, it was just awesome!
Millie and Madeline opted to sleep in their beds; the appeal of the blanket tent was lost on them!

I opted for the solitude and comfort of my bed as well, although at 12:30 last night I had to wonder exactly how much rest I was going to get since I had to let Sam and another little boy in. They were in search of jackets and tape. The jackets I understood, but the tape? They quickly shared that they needed tape to tape a knife to a stick because they had decided to go frog gigging…..

As far as I know any inkling of an idea that my sons may have on the subject of frog gigging has come from watching a couple of episodes of the TV show Duck Dynasty….. this hardly qualifies any one to be frog giggers… I was a bit concerned about their lack of expertise in this area….

Now I must admit once they went back outside every MOMMY fiber in me was thinking and playing out all sorts of scary scenarios involving little boys, knifes, water, night critters,snakes and frog gigging. I really wanted to holler out the back door but I doubt anyone would have heard me, instead I decided to keep out of it…. right after I texted every number in my phone contacts list that belonged to any one that may possibly have been camping in my back property, the text was simply asking them to mention to my DH that HIS son had a frog gigging plan. I would have called my DH myself but I had his phone with me at the house so that would have been pointless..and so having sent the text I then decided to pretend that they were all camping else where…..what do they say “out of sight out of mind”….yeah right!

Well that was last night….

In my imagination the girls including myself would all sleep until 10……but in reality the campers needed coffee…so I was up early this morning making pots and pots of steaming coffee to help warm the troops and and wake them up. The girls slept until eight and its been a pretty easy morning…

The indoor blanket tent was quickly put away, breakfast was cooked enjoyed and cleaned up, and now the little girls are playing dress up, the big girls are outside I think awaiting a potential chance to play paint ball with the campers and the adult daughters went for mani/pedis….and to think the weekend has barely begun!!

PS. No Frogs were gigged last night,seems that my text along with the sighting of a water moccasin terminated all gigging plans. The Little boys went to bed and all those scary scenarios never played out….silly me!



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Brenda February 9, 2013 at 4:06 PM

What a fun weekend! Sounds like you raised Mollie wonderfully. How precious. What a great sister (and daugher, and I’m sure mother and wife and everything else).

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