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Living Life On Purpose….Plan Your Days!

by Mamajil on February 1, 2013

There are times when the days, weeks, and months seem to fly past me and I wonder if I actually was as productive as I could have been. That is how I feel about January 2013….I awoke this morning thinking WOW January flew past me!!!

Since it’s the first day of February I have decided to begin with a bit of planning so that we can live on purpose and achieve much as we enjoy each day. I have printed off a February calendar page. I downloaded a free template from the internet.

For starters I have made a list of 4 major trouble spots I want to focus on this month. Surely I can finish one project per week! Using the 15 minute game the kids and I play daily.

Wait, are you not familiar with the 15 minute game? Oh, you are truly missing out!
First you assign a task…a trouble cabinet or drawer and you set the timer for 15 minutes and every one works like mad to finish the job in 15 minutes. At the end of the 15 minutes you stop and resume your regularly scheduled day only to play “round two” of the 15 minute game later in the day when you on purpose squeeze in another 15 minutes.
Its important that you narrow the task to one cabinet or one drawer or one small section so you don’t have a mess everywhere at the end of the 15 minutes. We must be very competitive around here because this little game gets EVERYONE working fast!

Next thing I pencil in on my calendar are four fun activities to do with my family this month. For starters we will watch the super bowl together, the boys have a whole weekend planned with my husband and the girls and I are having a girls weekend together during the same weekend. All my kids want me to repeat last years cousin luncheon, where the girls had a Tea party complete with scones and cucumber sandwiches, while the boy cousins had a Tom Sawyer luncheon out in the woods with fried chicken and biscuits lemonade and chocolate cake. One final fun thing we are going to do is have a BIG Presidents Day dinner with “Lincoln Log jelly rolls and Cherry Pies” all on our fine china!

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Another thing I want to make sure we don’t over look is what I like to call “Project Random Acts Of Kindness”.
As a family we pick four people we don’t normally see and try to send a note or extend an invite for a fun afternoon. I just want the kids to know the importance of thinking of others regardless of how busy life gets. Think about all the times you run into someone and you say “we just have to get together soon” instead of saying it act on it!!

Finally on my little calendar I pencil in all our regularly scheduled obligations. This helps us look at the week in advance and go ahead and pull outfits, pack the van or make sure we have any supplies we will need ahead of time.

With all this planned out I feel like February may pass quickly but we have a plan to live and enjoy our days!



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Brenda February 1, 2013 at 5:09 PM

Once again your posts are inspiring me! I always hesitate to post a calendar for the boys to see because my older boy gets so excited with anticipation that he often gets into trouble (due to mis-guided excitement and bundled up energy of anticipation). I love these ideas and may try to implement them here (the fun part will tickle my kids to death because we’re not very “fun” around here). I may need you to help me with ideas that are easy to implement when you live in a remote area with no neighbors to speak of (and few people willing to travel the distance to visit us). And I love the 15 minute game but will have to put some thought into that as well, as I can’t think of anything that we need to get accomplished that we can ALL help with (and complete in 15 minutes). Open to suggestions :) . And thanks again for being such an inspiration to me, a fellow homeschooler!

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