I would like to buy a vowel…….

by Mamajil on January 12, 2013

Our family loves playing games. Card games, board games…you name it we love it! Sometimes it’s a bit hard to find a game that fits all the age groups but the big kids are good sports and adapt the games accordingly. Occasionally we do find a game that works well with the large age span and that spells FUN for everyone! We discovered a game that fits into this bracket the other night, it was accidental the way it all came about but let me tell you, we had a blast!!!

It all started quite by chance, Our oldest son and his family had stopped by for a visit, we had eaten dinner and we were all in the living room chatting. The kids were telling a funny story about a guessing word game they had played with their dad the night before and they were trying to see if Josh; our oldest son, could follow the clues and figure out the word. My daughter in law Sarah,was a tad bit quicker she figured the word out first. From there the evening took a turn and evolved into a game of hangman. Well, actually it was a cross between hangman and wheel of fortune.

The kids pulled out an old chalk board and chalk and the games began…instead of the drawing a hangman each person got 5 strikes before they were out. When it was a little kids turn to write a word, if they were too young to spell, I would write out a word for them on a piece of paper that way it would be spelled correctly and they could play too. Ruby,our first grader was hysterically funny!! She took index cards and started writing down all the words she could think of just to have a running list, she wanted to be prepared for her next turn.

I rarely got a chance to guess at the words because the kids would whisper their words, and the spelling of their words to me to make sure they were spelling them correctly. I always knew the words ahead of everyone else, but I didn’t mind.

As the evening went on and it was getting late there was a bit of confusion about whose turn it was going to be next. I was sitting on the couch holding Ramsey and my granddaughter, totally distracted, listening to about 3 people at once. Add to that, the fact that everyone was talking and laughing around me so there was a ton of background noise. As all of this was going on, a child whispered in my ear “Lamp that is going to be my word.” I remembered nodding, but not making eye contact with the child. Then,I was interrupted by an older child, and was speaking to the little girls in my lap all at the same time.
While all this was going on another child came at me from another direction and whispered “Candle, C-a-n-d-l-e.” I never saw either of the whisperers, I just remember hearing them and then it was time for the new word.

Riley and Sam both ran up to the board to write their word. After a bit of negotiating it was settled that Riley would go first and Sam would go on the next round.

Riley put 4 dashes on the board, I looked at her and told her she needed to add two more dashes to her word (I was thinking her word was Candle) She looked at me puzzled but obediently added two more dashes.

Someone guessed an “E” Riley said “no E” and I said “yes baby, there is an E at the very end of the word” She looked at me shrugged her shoulders and wrote in E.

Someone said “L” and she started to write it on the first dash. I interrupted it once again and told her “No, baby not there put it next to the E”, she looked at me, she hesitated then she wrote the L next to the E.

It continued like this the entire word. She looked so confused and I was trying to figure out why she was having so much trouble spelling. A couple of times she challenged what I was saying but her siblings told her to trust me I knew how to spell.

Well we had gotten down to “_an_le” when all of a sudden Sam hollered out “Candle” and I said, “YES YOU GOT IT”

Everyone seemed to be talking at once, in the back ground you could hear the little kids playing, the older kids were re-hashing different plays from the round that had just ended, and then a bit louder I could hear Sam saying “you stole my word”, and even louder I could hear Riley hollering out, “that is not my word, that is not my word, my word was Lamp.”

I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. I had caused a mess!!! We were all laughing before it was over! When things settled down Riley looked at me and said…”mom,I was so confused,I kept thinking to myself I thought I knew how to spell l-a-m-p but you kept correcting me and adding letters I didn’t think fit.”


I wish I had taken a few snap shots but I totally missed capturing this memory with a camera! It was a great night and we will definitely play this again!! It really is good to be able to come together and play and laugh as a family!!



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