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“No Really, You Never Know When A Mummy will Come In And Eat You”

by Mamajil on January 9, 2013

Often I like to sit and listen unobserved to the various conversations that occur among the children during the course of the day.

Sometimes you can over hear giggles, and sweet sister play, as they pretend to be mommies with their babies….

Other times you can hear the boys speculating about what kind of critter ate the sardines out of the animal traps they had set the night before….

Then there are the snippets of conversations among the older girls about pinterest hair styles they want to try, or funny Facebook posts they have read….

All of those are sweet, nice, squeeze your heart moments, as you see them lovingly interacting with one another.

Then you have those moments when you over hear the most random, hysterical exchanges and you can barely help but write them down because they are totally “Tweetable” or “Facebook worthy” or even “blog worthy”……

It was one of these HYSTERICALLY RANDOM exchanges that I over heard today.
I caught myself laughing so hard, simply because it was so randomly ridiculous!

This is what I overheard:

First I heard Millie say “there are advantages to sleeping on the top bunk…If something comes in to eat us I will be the last one they get and I will have a chance to try to get away…”

Sawyer responded by saying: “Unless of course it was a ceiling crawling mutant spider…”

spidermutantb_zpsf44854b1 photo spidermutantb_zpsf44854b1.jpg

To which Millie replied: “There is NO such thing….”

Then the voice of reason from Sam chimed in: “You are right there is no such thing as a mutant spider, and nothing is ever going to come in and eat y’all….”

Millie, of course responded with the ever so witty, “yes, uh huh….a mummy could come in and get us.”

cartoon-mummy-8_zpsc243dff6 photo cartoon-mummy-8_zpsc243dff6-1.jpg

Not to be out done,Sawyer very sarcastically replied, “you don’t believe in mutant spiders, but you believe in mummy’s….(insert scoff)”

Then I heard Sam, trying to bring a bit of comic relief to the now heated discussion, “Mummy’s are real see ours is over there on the computer”

Millie tried to hold back a sheepish smile, as she suddenly realized that I had heard the whole exchange.
She then decided to leave the room, but before making her exit she turned, looked over her shoulder and told her brothers; “keep it up, you know you are just giving her tons of Face Book material!”

I just had to laugh, little does she realize that she started this whole thing!



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