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A Contrite Heart In The Midst Of Eye Rolling

by MamaJil on June 27, 2012

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When you have a large family and you are raising teens at the same time as you are raising little ones, the little guys some times get exposed to attitudes and things that maybe your older children were not exposed to.

Eye rolling being one of those things…..

We have always told our children  a good attitude will get you anywhere and bad attitude will get you nowhere!!

One of our hot buttons is attitude and heart condition. Think about it, if your child is doing their best  and trying hard with a joyful heart even if they are not the best at the task it is a pleasure to work with them and help them along until they perfect that skill.


Occasionally however, we do encounter momentary lapses in respectful good attitudes.  At times we do come across occasional huffs and eye rolling.

I must admit that if eye rolling is hereditary my children most likely got that from me. Unfortunately I am an expert eye roller.

One point I try to make to our older children is that the little’s are always watching their actions and reactions. It is important that they realize they are being watched and that their example counts. I think we should all be aware that we are called to be a light not a stumbling block. After all it says as much in the bible….

1 John 2:10 (NLT)Anyone who loves another brother or sister is living in the light and does not cause others to stumble.

It is amazing how much the little’s do learn from the older ones. I have also come to realize that they hear us as we correct and guide the older ones and they learn about boundaries from just listening.

This morning Ruby our six year old came to me all teary eyed. She said she had to talk to me in private so we went into my room. It was there that she burst into tears.

I was concerned because between sobs she kept saying  “I’ve done something wrong” (my mommy brain was trying to think of what terrible deed this child might have done….my mind raced from permanent marker murals to maybe cutting a sisters pony tail)

I managed to calm her down enough to get to the gist of the problem…”momma” she said (insert sobs and snubs) “I’ve rolled my eyes, I didn’t mean to, but I guess Millie and Madeline set a bad example and I just picked it up I am so, so sorry”

Oh  my……we have a bigger problem than a little eye rolling…..

I calmed her down and told her I forgave her.  I felt led to pray for her. I felt it was important that she know she was forgiven, and that it would all be okay.

Then we had a little talk, because it was also obvious that she was casting a bit of blame towards her sisters instead of owning up to the eye rolling. Yes the example was set, but she had the free will to choose not to roll her eyes……her sisters didn’t force her to roll her eyes she chose to.

I shared with her that when Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden and gave it to Adam he had the free will to say thanks and partake, or no thanks and do what was right.  When the Lord asked him about it later he quickly cast blame on Eve but that didn’t change that fact that he was the one that chose to sin. (Genesis chapter 3).

I was blessed by her contrite spirit and her sweet tender heart. I was also thankful for the opportunity to share with her the importance of owning up to our choices. After all it is much easier to cast blame than it is to say I chose to act or react in this manner.

I am thankful for the little moments that spring up in my day that allow me to impart truth to my children, because it is in these moments that I am also reminded to be a light, not a stumbling block, and that all my  choices count!










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Linda Witt June 27, 2012 at 9:24 PM

What a beautiful ‘teaching moment’. Your children are blessed to have you as their Mommy. Thank you for sharing with us. I wish that I had had your wisdom when I was raising my children.

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